Hammer Test HT 225A & HT 225D dijual Baru -\- 082217294199
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Hammer Test HT 225A & HT 225D dijual Baru -\- 082217294199

Jalan H Kelik No.20 Rt03/08 Kelapa Dua Kebun Jeruk Jakarta Barat Jakarta Tanggal diterbitkan: April 13, 2018

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memperkenalkan diri kami slah satu toko online Alat Ukur dan Alat lainya dengan harga yang kami tawarkan sangat bisa bersaing dengan kompratiot lainya, silahkan anda bisa buktikan,

Produk yang kami tawarkan Total Station, Hammer Test Analog, Power Cutters, Tornado Pro, Cordrill, Floor Saws, Waterpass Automatic Level, Alat Curah Hujan, Waterpass Digital, Sipatan, Kompas, Palu Geologi, Meteran Laser, Crose Line Laser, Profilcut Mega, Anemometer, Weather Stationn, Flowacth, Thermo Hygrometer, Thermometer, Blade, Tinta Sipatan, GPS Geodetik, GPS Garmin, PH Meter, Lux Meter, Vibration Meter, Coating Thikness, Ultrasonic Thikness, Rebar Locator, Digital Theodolite, Theodolite Manual bekas, Tripod, Rambu Ukur, Batre TS dan Theodolite, Prisma Mini, Single Prisma / Prisma Target, Range pole, Charger TS, Kabel Data TS, Anggle Meter, Meteran Roll, Meteran Pohon ( Phiband Yamayo 10m ), Hammer Test Digital, Meteran Dorong Digital, Meteran Dorong Analog, Rotary Laser, Clinometer, Abney Level, Hand Level, Binocular, FLIR, Motor Sirine dll

Produk kami terdiri dari merk yang sudah terkenal dengan kualitas dan kuantitasnya di Indonesia seperti : Nikon Tools, EDMA Tools, Topcon Tools, Ruide Tools, South Tools, KAPRO Tools, Sokkia Tools, Leica Tools, Proceq Tools, Matest, SADT HT, Husqvarna Konstruksi Tools, NETA, DEKKO, Sanfix, Suunto, Brunton, Estwing, CLL, CEM, Mitech, APPA, Tajima, Yamayo, Iwamoto, Flowacth, PCE, Davis, Marc Davis, Lutron, Ricther, Garmin, Trimble, Hi Target, Cygnus, Mysurv, Digi-Pas DWL, YAHAGI, Lion King dll


























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Mei 21, 2018

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Asep Tantan Jual Digital Theodolite Nikon NE-101 Readay gan 082217294199

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Mei 21, 2018

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